Ghost Chain Society


Each Ghostchain Society BYRON SERIES Card deck is a unique NFT collection, which is the result of our obsession with the Cardano journey, research of the Cardano roadmap & visual illustration of the key milestones of each Era.

0ur first series pays tribute to the “Byron era”. the start of it all. Inspired by the real life crazy Rockstar of the 18th Century – George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron – Poet, peer, politician, & party animal! Each card and it’s character is themed in a “Byronic style” – Romantic, brave & crazy!!

We created the Byron series card deck to visually tell the story of the Byron Phase – The foundation of our beloved third generation blockchain. In the series of cards you will see visual demonstration of many Cardano themes symbolized, fictionally of course, that will bring the imagination of the ADA blockchain to life in form of fun & crazy artistic ensemble of playing cards.

many Cardano Symbolism is incorporated in the art to pay tribute to the Cardano team’s amazing work.  

THE BYRON SERIES - meet the card characters..


Our Ace is the man the whole Blockchain is named after. Senor Gerolamo Cardano, one of the greatest Italian polymath. Born in 16th Century in the town of Pavia, Italy, his interests and mastery ranged in Mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, astrology, astronomy, philosophy, writing and gambling (say what??). Cardano invented several mechanical devices including the combination lock, the gimbal consisting of three concentric circles & the cardan driveshaft amongst other.

Our Cardano is envisioned as a Wizard – a perfect tribute to the man that inspired the Cardano blockchain and its magic and spells that bind us! He is the perfect Ace as he inspired the creation of our beloved crypto!



Our inspiration for the King Card is George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron, FRS. Simply known as Lord Byron, he was an English poet and peer.

Byron was a leading figure of the Romantic movement, as he was a British Romantic poet and satirist.
He became renowned thanks to his poetry and personality, which captured the imagination of Europe.

Other than poetry, Byron had many other talents such as being a Don Juan like Lover to many, Traveler, Warrior, and a wild man!

When told at Cambridge he couldn’t bring his beloved dog on campus, he brought a bear instead! 🐻

Feats such as drinking from a monkish skull to joining the Greek war of Independence, he lived life to the fullest!

A perfect King for our collection.


Our Queen card is inspired by Anne Isabella Noel Byron. 11th Baroness Wentworth and Baroness Byron, commonly known as Lady Byron.

She was an English mathematician and the wife of poet George Gordon Byron, more commonly known as Lord Byron.

She was a gifted child. Her studies involved classical literature, philosophy, science, and mathematics – in which she particularly delighted. This fascination led her husband to nickname her his “Princess of Parallelograms”.

In adulthood, Annabella developed into a stiff, religious woman with strict morals. She was aware of her strong intellect and was not ashamed to demonstrate it in her social realm. A Strong woman – A perfect foil to her wild husband.

And a fitting Queen for our collection! 👑


Our Jack card is inspired by the fabled computer scientist Joseph Goguen. He was a professor of Computer Science at the University of California and University of Oxford. He also held research positions at IBM and SRI International.

Goguen was one of the earliest researchers in fuzzy logic and made profound contributions with lasting influence. Goguen’s work was one of the earliest approaches to the algebraic characterization of abstract data types. He originated and helped develop the OBJ family of programming languages. His development of institution theory impacted the field of universal logic.

Goguen was a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism. His contribution to computer programming & a spiritually driven soul inspired many innovators of decentralized finance.

We pay him tribute with our Jack card character – Buddha Jack!


Our 10 card is a tribute to Lord Byron’s super smart daughter – Ada Lovelace.

A mathematician and writer. She is chiefly known for her work on Charles Babbage’s proposed mechanical general-purpose computer – the Analytical Engine.

Ada was the first to recognize that the machine had applications beyond pure calculation, and to have published the first algorithm intended to be carried out by such a machine. As a result, she is often regarded as the first computer programmer!!

Ada described her approach as “poetical science” and herself as an Analyst & Metaphysician. After studying the anatomy of birds, at the age of 12, Lovelace conceptualized a flying machine!

Her legacy was applauded when US Military named their new programming language after her. Her work inspired the creation of our beloved crypto that was named after this 19th century savant!!

The perfect inspiration for our 10 card!


Our 9 card is the Visual embodiment of the “Cardano Block Explorer” phase of the Byron Hardfork. Mr. Nine’s explorations in the vast Blockchain Universe, enabled others to see latest transactions and discover addresses, transactions epochs & slots on the Cardano world.

themed after a 19th century explorer, Mr. Nine the Explorer, will showcase his discoveries made during his thrilling journeys.

You will get immersed in his many tales (exaggerated maybe!) of how he once escaped the jaws of the Ominous Ouroboros while exploring the thick GitHub Jungle!…Or when he got lost & almost died in the vast plains of the Blockchain Desert to be rescued by the bursting of mythical Cardano clouds…And last but not the least, his epic battle with the menacing Three headed Sea monster “Seathirium” who prowled the depths of Crypto Ocean & preyed on Ghostchain explorers.

Behold Nine the Explorer. The Hero of the Ghostchain!


Our 8 Card, Mr. Cardano Cornfields, is the illustration of the IOHK team that developed the ADA cryptocurrency. 

Visualized as a simple yet skilled farmer, he is the tribute to the team that created our beloved ADA. the IOHK team, that farmed the lush fields of Ouroboros proof of stake consensus protocol & planted the seeds of ADA & nurtured it to grow into one of the most respected cryptocurrency with one of the largest market capitalization.

Witness how Mr. Cornfields tills the land with his beloved Daedalus bull, sow the Cardano corn seeds, water it with tears of the Ouroboros, enrich it with UTXO minerals and grow the Cardano Corn!

Cardano Cornfields – the 8 card of the Byron series card deck…The perfect tribute to the IOHK team!


Our 7 Card, Ms. Baby Botany, is the personification of the ADA cryptocurrency itself.

Visualized as a baby ghost, who loves growing!
And grow she did… into one of the most sought after cryptocurrencies around the world!

She is crazy, fun, ever-growing, and out of control – or as we call it – decentralized! See her dig her heels in the greenhouse that is the blockchain, put stakes in the ground to grow from a million tiny Lovelace seeds into a beautiful Cardano Flower!

Baby Botany is the perfect 7 card for the Byron Series Card Deck! Representing the lucky number 7, she has brought fortune to many. Her sustainable ways of growing has provided a better alternative to bigger, meaner, gas-burning growers!

Say hello to Baby Botany – ADA personified!


Our 6 Card, Senor Plaza De Toros is our artistic tribute to the famed Daedalus wallet!

Plaza De Toros is presented as a Spanish Bullfighter. Tough, fearless, secure, and independent… he embodies the sturdy, dependable Daedalus wallet.

De Toros was thrown into the bullfighting ring, aka the ruthless world of crypto. He proceeded to make a his name for himself by downloading all knowledge of bullfighting to his brain. With this feat accomplished, he became completely independent and need not rely on others – much like the famed wallet.

Witness him bullfight as if it were a simple dance, as he trains with his beloved prize bull – Daedalus the Mighty!

Say Ola to our Card 6:
Plaza De Toros; Guardian of our Beloved Bull: Daedalus!


Our 5 Card, “Bushido Yoroi-Moto” is our visual embodiment of the YOROI Wallet.

Imagined as a brave Samurai Warrior of the legendary Emurgo Clan, Bushido San’s name signifies “Code of Honor and Morals”. Infamous for his light-footed approach to martial arts, Bushido is the swiftest & fiercest of all of the Crypto-Samurai Wallet Warriors!

Impressed by Bushido’s feats, Emperor Shogun Hoskin-San sought to bestow a great Honor onto him. The Emperor granted Bushido the honorific title of “Keeper of the Keys” to the Cardano Kingdom.

Bushido San provides security to all the Kingdom’s citizens and travelers. Astride his beloved horse, Icarus, and accompanied by his falcon, Nano, our favorite Samurai Warrior of the Yoroi-Moto family is a hero to all in the Crypto Kingdom. The perfect bold character for our 5 Card!


Our 4 Card, “Coda Cardano-Kai” is the artistic tribute to the Daedalus Japanese Interface and Installer.

A fierce Ex-Yakuza Kumicho (aka Big Boss), Coda San was the most revered leader of the Cardano-Kai syndicate.
Benevolent and respected group in the Crypto-Yakuza syndicate.

Unlike other Yakuza, who charge maximal fees for protection, Coda San believed in protecting civilians and their financial security for minimal fees. Citizens can transact quickly and securely, thanks to Coda. His ideals included keeping records in his ledger hardware using ancient Yoroi-Moto codes.

Coda Cardano-Kai, our 4 card.
The Protector of Crypto-Yakuza citizens!


Our 3 Card, Mr. Piggy Blockrunner, is our tribute to the Exchange Support team at IOHK.

Once a righteous accountant, they fell victim to the Fee-Greedy Cretins of the Crypto Universe. These diabolical monsters cast a curse upon them, transmorphing them into a Pig-Faced Demon.
Despite this, they heroically continued to serve the interest of crypto-citizens.

They developed ledger hardware wallet support, faster blockchain sync, optimized blockchain storage, log submission mechanism, and 24/7 monitoring – to enable users to securely & swiftly transact.

Aided by their sidekick, Prometheus the Monitoring Owl, Piggy ensures 24/7 monitoring of Cardano network & node operations, to improve response time. Piggy also deploys their trusted deputy NIX the Tooling Rabbit, to create more robust deployment pipelines.

The Accounting Aid of Cardano Blockchain!



An absolute speed demon, Speedle honors the Cardano SL 1.3 Enhancements that increase the sync speed of the blockchain.

Tests have shown Speedle is 1.5 to 4 times faster than any other flying object – and he wants to go even faster!!

Be it a YOROI jet pack or the ICARUS – his favorite fast car – Speedle is always looking to break the speed record of the blockchain raceway!

Aided by the IOHK pit crew, Speedle has won many Crypto-Races and is continually setting and raising the standard for Sync Speeds.

Speedle Kaneedle, our fast and furious 2 card!


Last but not the least, we present our “JOKER” – HOSK. With this special card we pay homage to the man, the myth, the legend – Charles Hoskinson.

Illustrated as The Mad Crypto-Scientist, he concoted our beloved Cardano. His genius knows no bounds, as he is still finding ways to improve!
He has created a user friendly & customer focused blockchain ecosystem.

Working in his IOHK laboratory, Hosk continues to brew new formulas that make the crypto universe better, faster, and more accessible.

The Joker Card, also known as the Wild Card, is commonly used in place of any other card. This symbolizes Hosk’s influence over the entire Cardano Card Deck.

Because without the brilliantly Mad Crypto-Scientist, our beloved Cardano would not exist!