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Welcome to The Guild

The Ghost Chain Society Guild is here! What does that mean to you? How about free NFTs, merchandise, & gifts from The Society, just for building your collection! You rank up as you grow your collection, its just that easy. Here’s the breakdown:

Grand Marshal – The Bull

Players with 52 cards or more and in this highest level under the banner of The Bull & you’ve got the collection to prove it. With 52 cards or more you already have what it takes to win weekly card battles and we’re sweetening the pot. Once verified, you’ll get 2 Free NFTs from our current series and a free NFT airdrop from all future series along with our First Edition Real Card Deck from The Society and upcoming merch, all to be announced soon!

Knight Commander – The Boar

Those with 36 cards or more will reach the banner of The Boar. Under this banner your impressive collection will be augmented with an additional Free NFT from the current series and a free airdrop from the next series. Get verified at 36 and you’ll have that status forever or until you level up to Grand Marshal. You’ll also get our First Edition Real Card Deck from The Society to be announced soon!

Knight Captain – The Serpent

Players with 18 cards are under the banner of The Serpent. Once verified you’ll hold that status for life or until you level up, and receive one airdrop NFT from the next series. You’ll also receive our First Edition Real Card Deck from The Society to be announced very soon!

Sergeant Major – The Hare

Our welcome to The Society’s ranks, those with 9 verified cards are under the banner of The Hare. You will receive a free airdrop NFT from our next series.

All members of The Guild will also be invited to our weekly Guild Poker Night where rewards are doubled as they should be for our high rollers. Check out our Discord for more info on games.


You’ve got to be verified with your collection to officially join The Guild and earn rewards. Just DM your wallet id to @lunkerlarry in the discord with your Wallet ID

Thank you to all our players for your support to this point and we can’t wait to start verifying our new guild members. Check out the poster for full details and stay tuned for updates on the First Edition Card Deck & upcoming merchandise.

Ready to join The Guild?

The Guild

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