Ghost Chain Society

The Byron Series is Minting Now! Click MINT NOW to get started. Prizes are hidden throughout & The Guild is waiting for you. Choose your banner & get ready to do battle… Card Battle, that is.



Read our story then join us on Twitter & our Discord channel to join the conversation, play games, & win merchandise & prizes!

Buddha Jack


The Society is all about a good time. Join The Guild, pit your cards against the community in Card Battles, or join us in weekly poker tournaments for crypto, NFTs, & merch.



We're all sick of crazy gas fees. Join the #CardanoCommunity today with The Ghost Chain Society. Mint on the cheap & become a part of the community!

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Welcome to The Guild
Jay Thornton

Welcome to The Guild

The Ghost Chain Society Guild is here! What does that mean to you? How about free NFTs, merchandise, & gifts from The Society, just for

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