Ghost Chain Society

We are The Ghostchain Society, GC Society for short – a Trio of Cardano Fanatics, whose belief in Cardano’s open-source and decentralized block-chain platform, transpired into an NFT collaboration. We love the Cardano concept as its truly decentralized & coupled with the fact that it is the largest cryptocurrency using proof-of-stake blockchain and greener alternative to other similar protocols, we have been big fans of Charles Hoskinson’s second coming….

As we are part of the Cardano journey from the beginning, we relate to every milestone of its journey. This fall, we came up with the idea of telling a visual story of that journey through a unique collection of NFTs. We plan to have five series of NFT collections, honoring the five main Eras – Byron, Shelley, Gougen, Basho & Voltaire.

Our first offer in this project is the BYRON GHOSTCHAIN CARD DECK. Inspired by the “Byron Era”, the first and the beginning phase, the deck of playing cards visually narrates the story of the 1st phase of the Cardano journey in becoming one of the most trusted blockchain in the world. through this digital artistic expression we tell the story of the start of Cardano & ADA crypto, who bears the moniker – “The Ghostchain” – what the skeptics called it & the first of the five systemic milestones – THE BYRON ERA; we hereby present the Ghostchain Society Byron Series Card Deck NFT collection.

The card deck characters are inspired by the Byron work scope – the Ouroboros protocol, ADA currency, block explorer, the Daedalus wallet, Daedalus Japanese interphase, UTXO selection, paper wallets, YOROI wallet, Icarus project, block storage, Byron Testnet, enhancements, support, visualizations and integrations & many more.

All these work scope milestones are visualized via many real life characters, that provided the inspiration to Cardano team – Lord Byron, Lady Byron, Ada Lovelace, Giancarlo Cardano and the trump card aka the “Joker card” himself – Charles Hoskinson.
With a sprinkle of imaginary characters into the mix, we hope to tell the Byron Roadmap story in a fun & collectible way and pay tribute to the beginnings of our beloved crypto.
So folks, here it is! We are the ADA Ghostchain Society and we are here to tell the Cardano story via our NFT project – the Ghostchain Society! Have fun and happy collecting!

Larry Moore


Larry is the founder of this project & the main driving force. Larry is first and foremost a family man with a beautiful wife, four children & 8 Grandchildren. A 38 year veteran of the Tile Industry, Larry had his own successful business for 23 years that he sold to devote all his time to Fishing, Crypto and NFT’s. Larry is instrumental in building awareness & a strong following of our unique project.


Tony Rogers


Tony is a loving husband & a father first and an artist second. His 20+ year career has consisted of designing footwear, apparel & many other products in the fashion industry. Consulting this project as an artist, Tony plans to tell the Cardano story with his unique wild and trippy art style. It may be funky, weird or just plain bizarre to some, but with his experience and passion for the project, he will bring this project to life!


Tej Sawhney


Tej can be defined in three words – Family, Outdoors and Business. Tej is a 25+ Year veteran of retail and design industry and became friends with Larry & Tony through the common love for fishing, art and Crypto. Tej comes as a consultant to this project, instituting key strategies and efficiencies. Tej helped built the strategic framework, that helps Larry to build a strong marketing/community campaign & enable Tony to develop unique art.